Sandell story

The idea of Sandell started over a lunch when two old classmates met again after several years. Stefan as a designer in the mobile application business and Johan in the international trade business. With the skills in each area, design and international business the discussion went on easily.

They started with the idea of a minimalistic but classic wrist watch, a design that will be different from others. The lunch took place in 2015, and in 2016 the new company was already founded.

Designed with carefulness and high attention to the details. Sandell watches have the minimalistic aesthetic of elegance, a Scandinavian brand by Stefan Sandberg and Johan Rosell. The brand Sandell comes from the two founders of the company, a mix of Sandberg-Rosell = Sandell.

The watches have beautiful rounded glass, unique textured dials, exclusive patterned crowns and all details are made with a golden touch. Identify your own style with the traditional accessory.

Quality for life – Sandell´s eco-friendly choices of straps are made out from recycled material to a high-performance fabric for a more sustainable future. These are made by animal free fabric with natural grain. There are no toxic by-products, or any conflict material used in the production. Choosing our eco-friendly straps helps for a better sustainable future. Read more about the vegan straps here..

The name DAY will reflect the long day light and midnight sun, the polar day, during the Swedish summer. In the northern parts we have sunshine 24h/day during the summer weeks. Some days you will also see the beautiful moon in the daylight.

The name NIGHT reflects the beautiful wintertime when Scandinavia have the long night. Often with clear bright nights and northern lights. When the polar night occurs during winter time, it will be the moon and stars you see.

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