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Sandell´s head quarters is located in Alingsås, Sweden

Designed with carefulness and high attention to the details. Sandell watches have the minimalistic aesthetic of elegance, a Scandinavian brand by Stefan Sandberg and Johan Rosell. The brand Sandell comes from the two founders of the company, a mix of Sandberg-Rosell = Sandell.

The watches have beautiful rounded glass, unique textured dials, exclusive patterned crowns and all details are made with a golden touch. Identify your own style with the traditional accessory. Sandell´s eco-friendly choices of straps are made out from recycled material to a high-performance fabric for a more sustainable future. Read more about Sandell here..

Södra Ringgatan 37, 44133 Alingsås, Sweden

VAT-number: SE559078265101


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